City of La Quinta, “Gem of the Desert”

The City of La Quinta is known as “The Gem of the Desert”, and for good reason. La Quinta is one of Coachella Valley’s best kept secrets. It is a treasure trove of natural beauty in Technicolor, and a hot bed of artistic and musical creativity, and universally acclaimed sporting events. La Quinta is a perfect retirement or vacation home get-away. Few other places on earth offer … Continue reading City of La Quinta, “Gem of the Desert”

What Does Your Dream Retirement Look Like?

Are you one of the 78 million baby boomers dreaming about life on a sandy beach, or of playing 18 holes on palm-lined greens? If so, you’re not alone. But in typical fashion Baby Boomers are redefining retirement. Freed from the grinding responsibilities of work and family, Boomers view retirement as a new beginning, and opportunity for personal discovery and growth. And, with good reason, … Continue reading What Does Your Dream Retirement Look Like?

Choosing a Retirement or Vacation Home?

Important things to think about. Almost daily articles and surveys are written about “The Best U.S. Cities to Retire,” and, each Top 10 Great States for Retirement, list varies greatly from the next. That’s because it is impossible to create a list of criteria that meets everyone’s ideal retirement. Like a fingerprint, choosing a retirement lifestyle is personal and unique to you. No surveys or … Continue reading Choosing a Retirement or Vacation Home?

Magical Palm Springs

Magical, Alluring, Romantic When it comes to American desert destinations, few can surpass the beauty and allure of Greater Palm Springs, located in the Coachella Valley in southern California. Roughly two hours east by car from Los Angeles and San Diego, Greater Palm Springs flows like an oasis along the base of crumbly, pyramid-shaped San Jacinto and Santa Rosa Mountains. Dappled with abundant gatherings of immense … Continue reading Magical Palm Springs

We All Dream of a Fresh Start

Whether retiring or vacationing we all need to refresh our bodies, minds and spirits. Greater Palm Springs is the perfect sanctuary. Most of us know when its time to look for a new or different life, lifestyle or home that reflects our current needs. It could come from a change in personal status,  a recent retirement, desire to develop a latent talent, or an urge to getaway to … Continue reading We All Dream of a Fresh Start