Dollars and Sense. Heart and Soul. Retire Happy in the California Desert

Palm Springs Dreaming? Important things to think about, when searching for a dream retirement home and location.

Almost daily, articles and surveys are written about which state and city is the best to retire to, and each one varies greatly from the next. That’s because it is almost impossible to create a list of criteria that meets everyone’s ideal retirement.

Like a fingerprint, choosing a retirement lifestyle is personal and unique to you. No surveys or articles can tell you where you will be happy. In addition, every decision usually involves a tug-of-war between matters of fact and finance, and those of the heart and soul.

For the pragmatists among us, retirement destinations are to be selected based on hardcore dollars and sense issues, such as: cost of food, housing, transportation, state and local taxes, access to quality medical care, and crime rates statistics.

But, for idealists like me, choosing locations to retire has as much to do with living eight months a year in warm, sunny weather, interesting topography, environmental beauty, access to beaches, arts and culture, local friendliness, and whether friends and family will come to visit.

For most of us, our new home will be found at the intersection of our deepest wants and resourceful budgeting.

If your search takes you to the California desert, let me help you find the perfect home for you to live, play and retire happy! Visit my website You’ll be amazed at all the fun activities, events and entertainment is waiting for you. There is no better place to retire or vacation to!

Live the Dream! Search my website for your dream desert home,

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Donna Ambrose, REALTOR® CalBre#02038351, Keller Williams Realty, La Quinta, CA

(photo of the Palm Desert Art Museum’s outside sculpture garden) 

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