Re-Imagine Your Life.  What Stirs Your Heart and Lifts Your Soul?

Summer is here! And with it an all too familiar longing to explore and find something new to stir your heart and soul.

For many of us, our search will end with a new vacation or retirement home.  Whether single, coupled or a family, a new home is a place to re-awaken life’s passions and create new memories.

But finding the perfect California desert home and lifestyle can be daunting. I know. As a seasoned Coldwell Banker Residential, REALTOR™  with expertise in retirement and vacation homes, you would have thought it easy for me to find the perfect place.  It wasn’t.  And for good reason.  As I come to learn, my husband and I had two very different ideas about what the perfect retirement lifestyle and home looks like.

Take it from me, if partnered your search starts with knowing what you and your other half consider most important in a new desert home and lifestyle.

For most people, the three conditions below are the hardest to get past, so they should form the foundation of your initial search.  Resolving these questions upfront will save you money, time and quite possibly, your relationship.

  • You want to live in what? where? If coupled, make sure you both share the same idea of the perfect retirement or vacation lifestyle. For example, if one enjoys a gated desert golf resort, and the other a home on a mountain and private infinity pool, or a new contemporary-style home with room for visitors, while the other wants an older Traditional Spanish fixer on acreage, then negotiation and compromise will be key to a successful purchase and  peaceful life.
  • Distance from family/friends. If keeping close ties to family and friends is important to you, consider whether travel cost and time to your new home is prohibitive for you and, them.
  • Home price is only half the cost. Regardless of your situation you will want to compare the cost of living for each home and lifestyle you consider in the desert.  It may not affect you short term, but California expenses for utilities, taxes, food, and gas, are typically higher than most states. Income is taxed differently as well. Its something to consider, and I can tell you the impact of all those expenses on your potential purchase.

Whether you know the area or are just starting your search for a home in Greater Palm Springs, give me a shout. I’ll be glad to work through the process with you to ensure you get exactly what you want, no matter how long it may take! Check out my Contact Page or comment below.



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