We All Dream of a Fresh Start

Whether retiring or vacationing we all need to refresh our bodies minds and spirits. Greater Palm Springs is the perfect sanctuary.

Most of us know when its time to look for a new or different life, lifestyle or home that reflects our current needs. It could come from a change in personal status,  a recent retirement, desire to develop a latent talent, or an urge to getaway to refresh our batteries.

For some, it may be an need to reconnect with our inner selves, the natural world, or rekindle relationships with people or spiritual activities most important to us. For others, it may be a move for health or physical reasons, or to reconnect with family members.

But, moving to a new area, even if you are happy and excited can be daunting if you don’t know much about the it, and especially if the environment is radically different. Finding the perfect desert home, location and lifestyle can take time.  In the Greater Palm Springs area, there are many different cities, Palm, Springs, Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage, La Quinta, for example. Each is unique with differing attributes, and opportunities that you will want to explore.

This I know: If you have a pioneer spirit, moving is an adventure, and the unknown is fun. But for those that prefer staying put, making a move, even to a beautiful and better home and lifestyle, can be very stressful.

A year ago, my husband and I retired from the Seattle area to Trilogy at La Quinta. Prior to our move, we researched the area extensively, and for many years we vacationed there. Still, owning a home and living there is very different than what we thought. Coming from a damp environment to a dry, warm one has its own issues. Here’s a big hint: Don’t leave your lipstick on the front seat of the car ladies. It becomes a puddle.

It is my hope, that my blog will offer insight into what it’s like to make a major move to the Greater Palm Springs are. Of course, hands down, it is one of the best moves we’ve have ever made, and I hope to share with you the many reasons why.

Better still, when you are ready to come visit us, let me take you on a tour of our beautiful area. It will be my pleasure.

Donna Ambrose, REALTOR™ , Keller Williams Realty, La Quinta, CA